Font of The Week

The font of the week is ... This serif font was designed by .... and available free for personal use.


A majority of the snippets are created with Bootstrap and many come with a WordPress Code Blocks.

Only custom snippets are featured on other sites such as Codepen and or JSFiddle.

Code Block of the Month

Simple three-column block with hashtag background.


Our mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs with the resources they need to scale, especially within social-economically disadvantaged communities.

We have shifted our business model to an open-source approach, providing our code publicly and free of charge. Through this initiative, we aim to establish a foundation of trust with prospective clients, while enabling visionary innovators to fortify their digital presence.

As our venture has evolved, we have expanded our services to include code blocks compatible with the WordPress Gutenberg Editor. Furthermore, we provide an array of stock produced by generative AI, including a curated selection of fonts, photos, and videos.

We invite you to explore our extensive library, each element of which is ready to be incorporated into your upcoming projects.